Our commitment to quality is exemplified by becoming the first and only dry-cleaning company in Ireland to achieve registration to ISO 9001:2008 by NSAI.


Bridal Gown Cleaning is Ireland’s Leading Bridal Gown Cleaning and preservation specialists in Ireland.Our experienced, highly trained textile cleaners specialise in cleaning the most delicate of fabrics.

Our Staff are trained to the highest standards and the company prides itself on its ability to react quickly to the market trends by keeping abreast of the latest technologies.
We are the first Drycleaners in Ireland to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to following well defined quality management practices for delivering quality products and services as well as continual improvement!

That’s because our quality management system has been subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of the ISO: 9001:2008 standards – the same standards often identified as an important component of an overall quality management system by many of the world’s very best businesses.

Our unique business model has allowed the company to offer an ever expanding range of services. Moving the cleaning process to a centralised plant allowed the company to process far higher volumes much more efficiently. Gone are the days of cramped, badly ventilated outlets where both staff and customers were subjected to poor health & safety conditions. This investment in central processing has allowed the company to provide safe, superior working conditions for its employees which in turn has resulted in higher levels of staff performance and process quality. The processing facility has allowed management to concentrate all the expertise under one roof, to effectively manage quality and control operating costs. This combined with an ongoing investment in staff training

ensures we can provide a superior quality service to all customers.  The plant offers far more flexibility in operating hours during peak times. Our employee focused approach has allowed staff members to play an integral role in developing and managing our QMS. Having defined our key processes and procedures we can monitor our performance, analyse information and take the necessary corrective action. In general we have marketed our company by developing a quality brand. We have made a conscious effort to market the business through competing in local and national business awards and benefiting from newspaper features as a result. We have associated our Name with other professionally runs Companies and organisations.